The Quest for the Tablet

For how long have we been waiting for a mobile device to replace print?

The answer is 15 years.

See here
Tablet Newspaper (1994)
Knight-Ridder Predicted Apple Tablet in 1994: Didn’t Build It

Hindsight is 20-20, they say. Take, for instance, this promotional video from media company Knight-Ridder made in 1994, in which the Knight Ridder laboratory predicts newspapers being replaced by sleek black tablet devices that allow people to consume media on the go.

Did Knight Ridder foresee the Amazon Kindle and Kindle DX? Or perhaps the inevitable tablet renaissance that will be sparked by Apple’s upcoming launch of a tablet device? Mashable reader Christoph drew our attention to this wonderful archive clip, which does indeed feature a device that’s virtually identical to the Apple tablet mockups we’ve been seeing.

Why did the project fail to get off the ground? Screen technology, said former Knight Ridder laboratory head Roger Fidler in an interview earlier this year – screens were too heavy and sucked too much power.

When will the wait be over?

Speculations are spreading

Patents are ready

Source Fast Company
But we don’t know when the tablet will (eventually) ship.

Magazine Publishers are already scared by the Apple Store Business Model

How will that impact the magazine industry?
Wired has a concept app for that (forget the horrible music)

source D5

the race has not really begun. Everybody waits for the mystery Apple Tablet because if it is to become the front runner nobody wants to loose time and money on the wrong device.
See here for coberage about all the tablets in work

The irony of this is that Bill Gates himself has been promoting unsuccessfully the tablet concept until 2001…


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