Now, the media industry is desperate about finding solutions. It’s a matter of short term surviving.

Eveyday, new trends, news ideas arrive on the internet and they find funding.
Twitter is about to skyrocket in term of audience without having any idea about how to be profitable. They can spend 500 millions$ without need to have a business model or plan. Media has no way to wait like that. No funding from speculators investors  in search for the next Google.

So what are the solutions for short term surviving?

Most of publishers are engaged in cost cutting, reducing journalits seats. In fact they are bleeding while the internet side is still fueled with enormous cash.

It’s more than time to stop waiting for a miracle.

Publisher have only one way : Make the Public and the Advertisers pay for content.

Maybe they should just stop the free internet. BLANK PAGES. CLOSED SITES. STRIKE.

Better “Dead than Red” said some Brits 20 years ago under Thatcher in front of the SS20 Missiles of USSR in East Germany. Now Content could say “Better Dead than Free“.

What would the audience say and do? Prefer blogosphere to profesional editors? refuse to pay? Not sure at all.

It’s a very important moment. Print Publishers shoud come back with a Vengeance.


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