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Warren Buffet : “We hope to be the last man standing”


BUFFETT:  Newspapers have got a terrible future.  We own the Buffalo News, as you say and we hope to be the last man standing.  I would say we might very well be.  But if you looked at the newspaper circulation figures that just got published a couple of days ago, it was just a dramatic decrease.  And then the truth is, fewer people, you know, are going to be reading newspapers a year from now and two years from now.  Now they are going to continue to get information.  Everybody loves to get news.  But the indispensability of the paper has been diminished.  You know, I used to get — like the governor, I would get my sports scores — he probably read the Philadelphia Inquirer or something in those days, and I got them from the Omaha World-Herald.   But now I click on at night and I can look at the box score and play- by-play and everything else.  So, it’s changed.”

Sam Zell : “No Newspaper can survive”

When posed with the question of whether or not he regrets his Tribune deal, Sam Zell admitted, “It’s certainly the most amount of money I ever lost in a single deal.”

He goes on to say that the entire newspaper industry, including Tribune, has seen a crash in revenue, and that “nobody can survive.”

Nieman Foundation at Harvard : Skeptical about Kindle

“I’ve been skeptical of the impact of Kindles and Kindle-like devices on newspaper business models. And I think that’s been borne out — we learned earlier this week that The Los Angeles Times has only 2,700 Kindle subscribers, which produces roughly the revenue required to pay for one reporter.”

blog article

Axel Ganz : “Quality information has a price”

Mathias Döpfner (Springer): “smartphone user will have to pay to access their content”

Europe’s biggest newspaper decides the iPhone browser isn’t welcome
Now, readers will not only have to pay for the dedicated BILD iPhone app, but they also need to pony-up recurring fees for new articles. The same is planned for Axel Springer’s quality paper
Die Welt. Users of Nokia, Blackberry, HTC or other smartphone brands will not be blocked – but only for as long as it takes for Springer to develop an app for each device.

Rupert Murdoch “Google : Blocking the Contents Kleptomaniacs”

Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth and Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington


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