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The new Business: Conferences about Paid Content!

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Every single week there is a new conference somewhere about “the Ecosystem for Media in the Digital Age”, about “Business Models” and so on. It seems to be a great way to make money! out of people trying to find a way to make money!

Last week it was AlwaysOn OnMedia 2010 conference, where Mac Cubain (HDNet) said that Google is a digital vampire to Media. By the way, Google is becoming the new Evil Empire. (See what some Germans do to the Google Street View car drivers ! )

Next week it is Paid Content 2010 and is intended to discuss about questions that I didn’t even know they could exist :

“One area we’ll cover is less about paid content—and more about the challenges created by the expanding class of free-content distributors, or, as we call it, The Rise of Content Super-Distributors.

Content-generating machines like Demand Media, Associated Content, Mahalo, About.com—and now AOL’s new Seed.com—are fueled by the role of search as a content discovery tool and heavy doses of SEO. Is this the future for a big subsector of the content industry? Will this mass amount of content swamp the smaller scale work of traditional and new outlets and their chances for new pay models or provide a new source of inexpensive content?  How can super-distributors avoid being viewed as content farms? “

Content Super Distributors! If you didn’t realised yet that Media was in a big mess, beware! there is another Iceberg in front of the Titanic! Content Super Distributors!…

From all those conferences, Is there any new ideas in this post Ipad introduction period?
Meanwhile, the Ipad Skepticism is growing. I don’t like that. The Ipad is a real chance for publishers. If it fails, that would be dreadful.

Come on. All this is insane.

A few years ago, You could come up with a new concept for a Magazine (paper) and hire, design, launch, advertise, and more than often make a success in a matter of months. By success I mean creating revenues, profits, jobs, customer satisfaction.


And now? what have we got?

A Continent size Minefield !

Not only you STILL need  Enormous Publishing skills to survive (super good editors, art designers, production and marketing people etc…) but now you ALSO NEED to be a Multimedia super brain, able fast enough to catch up the new waves in a matter of weeks and immediately find the way to produce and to (monetize) revenues from it. Otherwise you get killed by competition as fast as in a First Person shooter Game. Nice industry, isn’it?

Gentlemen, If Steve hasn’t got a solution for us, then it’s going to be really tough.


Convenience is the key for Ipad Success

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Another excellent article of Dan Lyons on his Fake Steve Jobs blog has given the best analysis after the Ipad launch.

It’s about Convenience.

“When someone buys a song on iTunes, what are they paying for? Are they paying for the song? No. They’re paying for convenience. They’re paying for the fact that it’s easy, and reliable, and for the software on their computer that lets them manage their collection. You see what I’m saying? People said we would fail at selling music because you could already get music at no cost from a zillion different pirate sites. But those people were wrong. We’ve sold 600 billion songs in the last three months alone. Why is that? Because it’s easy. Because it works. They’re paying for convenience. Do you get it? “

Convenience is the key for another Apple huge success.

Magazine and Newspaper companies needs a convenient platform that will create a successful Ecosytem that will replace the broken traditional model of print distribution. Apple will deliver it this year and will make it maintream in the next 5-10 years.

Before thinking more about this we have to place this into the history of Digital Content Publishing.

The History of Digital Content Publishing is an history of an incredible succession of failures and deceptions for the professional publishers.
It started in the 90’s with the introduction of the first Multimedia publishing process : Hypercard on Macintosh on diskettes and went on during two decades with the introductions of the CD-Rom, then the CDI, then the Online Companies (Compuserve, AOL…) then the Web.

ALL have failed in their mission to provide a successful business model for Professional Publishing.

So the (Print) Media companies are really upset about what happened.

It failed when the computer base was too small,  it failed when networks were too slow (The Worldwide Wait), it failed also when advertising was not paying enough.

And, here we are. In 2010, waiting for Apple to provide a Convenient platform and a successful Ecosystem.

During this period of 20 years, So much money, energy and hope has been burnt !
The traditional model has suffered from brain and investment drain (hype and money on the Digital side), suffered from switching habits of customers, moving to free online content as a replacement of old media.

So, Is the Ipad too little, too late?

The People on the Hudson river Plane saw help coming.

This time will it be Fast enough?

Waiting for the boats on the plane wings...


Steve has saved the Media industry. period

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Tomorrow the Tablet will come

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Steve with is new baby

dale stephanos superbe illustration

What is your opinion about the coming of the Apple Tablet?

The level of hype is tremendous. The concept of tablet has been a failure for almost two decades but With Steve Jobs nothing is impossible.

Pray for the tablet

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It’ coming….


It must be coming…


What would happen if it didn’t come?

Privacy is dead

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Google is now indexing in real time.

Tweets are always public.

Facebook is changing the default preferences to public. You have to modify preferences (which is something 80% of people do not do) to have privacy back.

So if you write something to someone publicly (by mistake) on Facebook it will immediately be Googled and even if you delete it afterwards it will still be accessible to Google search. EVEN IF DELETED.

In a statement, the Electronic Frontier Foundation said: “These new ‘privacy’ changes are clearly intended to push Facebook users to publicly share even more information than before. “”

Do you get it?

Facebook is more or less a mail system where everybody watch and nothing can be deleted.

Good luck.

The Future of news: Google view

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LeWeb 09: Fireside Chat with Marissa Mayer, Vice President, Search Products and User Experience, Google

Marissa Mayer

watch her here (from 11 mn to 20mn of the video)

From that conference in Paris, I have the impression that Google is VERY CONCERNED about the publishers being angry at Google. They want to move to avoid one terrible thing that could happen to them : the lack of some content if it is removed from their search radar (As Murdoch announced he would do). I think that to them that would dramatically reduce their neutrality and legitimacy withc is the most important thing to them.

They would fell very unconfortable with a “web indexing with black holes”.

So I think that the Publisher have a tremendous window of opportunity to negociate better advertising relationships with Google.

“News Users should be more engaged.

Core journalism is the same. delivery is different

Google is working on a prototype with New York Times and Washington post : The LIVING STORY. updated.

Whenever a Media changes over to a new delivery vehicule it puts pressure on the atomic unit of consumption. Itune from album to song, youtube from entire film to short clip. In

Media the atomic unit is the article. New model.

increasing engagement. personaisation. what do you do next. Nothing at the end of the article wher the what do no next question is.

look amazon youtube facebook : proposals for next thing to vieuw.

streams notion popularised…

increase engagement..

hyper personalised news… stream webiness notions”

they want to evolve

about murdoch

we have to respect the copyright.

paying for content? difficult to say

adsense 5 billions dolls last year for publishers

“There is nothing a well established Blogger cannot do that a Times journalist can”

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Is this true or false?

Summarizing al the debates about the future of print, the future of journalism is this sentence :

“There is nothing a well established Blogger cannot do that a Times journalist can”…” To correctly translate the quote to cover the Watergate example, the quote would perhaps be “There is nothing a well established collaborative blog cannot do that a Times news team can”

What do you think about that?

What about source protection?

what about costs to produce information?

what about paid vs unpaid writer?

Answering these questions will help answering the big question about future of the News Media industry.

the debate is strong in this fake steve jobs post comments area..

samples of interesting comments

“The truth is, if newspapers want to survive they should go back to doing what they started out doing — muckraking, stirring the shit, calling bullshit.”

The tablet is here ! (fake)

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When this will be true, this kind of demo will need no more words.

And the people will be willing to pay for content. period.

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