Convenience is the key for Ipad Success

In Uncategorized on February 6, 2010 at 3:30 pm

Another excellent article of Dan Lyons on his Fake Steve Jobs blog has given the best analysis after the Ipad launch.

It’s about Convenience.

“When someone buys a song on iTunes, what are they paying for? Are they paying for the song? No. They’re paying for convenience. They’re paying for the fact that it’s easy, and reliable, and for the software on their computer that lets them manage their collection. You see what I’m saying? People said we would fail at selling music because you could already get music at no cost from a zillion different pirate sites. But those people were wrong. We’ve sold 600 billion songs in the last three months alone. Why is that? Because it’s easy. Because it works. They’re paying for convenience. Do you get it? “

Convenience is the key for another Apple huge success.

Magazine and Newspaper companies needs a convenient platform that will create a successful Ecosytem that will replace the broken traditional model of print distribution. Apple will deliver it this year and will make it maintream in the next 5-10 years.

Before thinking more about this we have to place this into the history of Digital Content Publishing.

The History of Digital Content Publishing is an history of an incredible succession of failures and deceptions for the professional publishers.
It started in the 90’s with the introduction of the first Multimedia publishing process : Hypercard on Macintosh on diskettes and went on during two decades with the introductions of the CD-Rom, then the CDI, then the Online Companies (Compuserve, AOL…) then the Web.

ALL have failed in their mission to provide a successful business model for Professional Publishing.

So the (Print) Media companies are really upset about what happened.

It failed when the computer base was too small,  it failed when networks were too slow (The Worldwide Wait), it failed also when advertising was not paying enough.

And, here we are. In 2010, waiting for Apple to provide a Convenient platform and a successful Ecosystem.

During this period of 20 years, So much money, energy and hope has been burnt !
The traditional model has suffered from brain and investment drain (hype and money on the Digital side), suffered from switching habits of customers, moving to free online content as a replacement of old media.

So, Is the Ipad too little, too late?

The People on the Hudson river Plane saw help coming.

This time will it be Fast enough?

Waiting for the boats on the plane wings...



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