Geeks are dead. Go to the gym now!

In Analysis on January 30, 2010 at 8:51 am

Geeks are not happy.

They think the Ipad is not good enough, is missing pieces, is not what Apple should do…blablabla

Back in 1984, I remember with extreme precision what the geeks said (geeks were then the type of guys with a white blouse in front of an IBM Mainframe or a CP/M IBM PC AT). They said “This thing- the mouse- is ridiculous”, “a black and white screen with black lettering is insanity”. It’s a toy”, “IT WILL NEVER WORK” etc.. blabla

“Real men do not eat quiche”, real geeks don’t like when they cannot show their technical muscles.

It’s is all about this again. People want to protect their skills to control the machine with some sort of exclusivity over mere mortals, giving them some sort of “I’m superior” state of mind.

So they don’t like at all when something stupidly complicated becoming simple.

Ipad is the perfect start for a new type of computer experience. A computer where the computer is almost totally hidden, invisible, forgetable.

Maybe the first computer as simple as a car. just touch it and it’s ready to go to what you want to do.

Because IS IT REALLY NORMAL after all those decades to still no ne able to start a computer in a second like a car? without seing stuff being initialised and started, withous having to watch procedures that we don’t want to know about? without preferences that we do not want to know about?

Come on ! did you remember when you had to check the Oil level of your car before you started it? you wanted that forever?

The Ipad is the computer for mothers and grandmothers. period.

(read this)

In the near future it will replace everything. PC will become dinosaurs because of the complexity they expose you to.

The time of the stupidly complex personal computer is over.

Women have an advantage over men : they have a purse (to put the Ipad) and they do not play the game of showing your technical musculus.

The time when you could say “Lady, call me and I will come to your home to save your bugged down PC” is OVER, guys.

Women will not need us anymore for the car, for the drilling machine, for the PC.

that’s why the nerds are so bashy. All those “Bill Gates” looking guys that could get some sex apeal from their knowledge of computer tuning. ah ah. Go to the gym now!


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