The Future of news: Google view

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LeWeb 09: Fireside Chat with Marissa Mayer, Vice President, Search Products and User Experience, Google

Marissa Mayer

watch her here (from 11 mn to 20mn of the video)

From that conference in Paris, I have the impression that Google is VERY CONCERNED about the publishers being angry at Google. They want to move to avoid one terrible thing that could happen to them : the lack of some content if it is removed from their search radar (As Murdoch announced he would do). I think that to them that would dramatically reduce their neutrality and legitimacy withc is the most important thing to them.

They would fell very unconfortable with a “web indexing with black holes”.

So I think that the Publisher have a tremendous window of opportunity to negociate better advertising relationships with Google.

“News Users should be more engaged.

Core journalism is the same. delivery is different

Google is working on a prototype with New York Times and Washington post : The LIVING STORY. updated.

Whenever a Media changes over to a new delivery vehicule it puts pressure on the atomic unit of consumption. Itune from album to song, youtube from entire film to short clip. In

Media the atomic unit is the article. New model.

increasing engagement. personaisation. what do you do next. Nothing at the end of the article wher the what do no next question is.

look amazon youtube facebook : proposals for next thing to vieuw.

streams notion popularised…

increase engagement..

hyper personalised news… stream webiness notions”

they want to evolve

about murdoch

we have to respect the copyright.

paying for content? difficult to say

adsense 5 billions dolls last year for publishers


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