What are they doing on Social Networks?

In Analysis on November 9, 2009 at 5:39 pm

tee shirt seduction femme ronde 148x200 tee shirt seduction femme rondeIf you asked yourself what the people look after in Social Networks this article is for you

Harvard : Understanding Users of Social Networks

In fact There are important differences between Networks. On Linkedin, most people are looking for Head Hunters to notice them. But as they do not want their companies to know that they are really willing to be chased, they pretend to socialize and input theirs adress books. The author call this “covers”. Not bad.

On Facebook the answer is amazing : “People just love to look at pictures,” says Piskorski. “That’s the killer app of all online social networks. Seventy percent of all actions are related to viewing pictures or viewing other people’s profiles.”
”Why the popularity of photos? Piskorski hypothesizes that people who post pictures of themselves can show they are having fun and are popular without having to boast.

and the most interesting thing is :”This was a very big surprise: A lot of guys in relationships are looking at women they don’t know,” says Piskorski. “It’s an easy way to see if anyone might be a better match.” Again, online networks act as cover.”

Twitter is also different “Women actually say things, guys give references to other things.”

So what about Monetizing with brands?
”You (brands) should come to the table and say, ‘Here is a product that I have designed for you that is going to make you all better friends.”

Conclusion : You believed Social media was about clever people socializing? No, It’s all about “covered” seduction…

  1. […] Do you think they are interested in print? In Uncategorized on November 9, 2009 at 9:24 pm Those young people want to be noticed by their peers. No more. It’s all about ego and seduction on Social Networks or Lipdub like this one. Period. I say it, but Harvard says it too. […]

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