Marc Benioff (Salesforce.com) has a good point on the relation between Brands and Medias

In Analysis on November 7, 2009 at 11:32 am

Journalists needs a good Story, ready to publish. Brands should provide the storytelling.

Marc Benioff got Multimillionnaire out of those fundamentals.

BUSINESSWEEK : Storytelling Tips from Salesforce’s Marc Benioff

Make friends with reporters and bloggers. Despite a very busy schedule, Benioff responded to my interview request immediately and met my deadline. “I never treat members of the media as adversaries; they are friends of the company,” says Benioff. His relationships with reporters and bloggers have been a “pivotal part” of his marketing strategy. “Journalists immediately think of me as a resource for a quote or comment because they know that I will be available to offer fresh insight and meet their deadlines.” Benioff says that social media has also turned customers into content creators. “The future of communicating with customers rests in engaging with them through every possible channel: phone, e-mail, chat, Web, and social networks. Customers are discussing a company’s products and brand in real time. Companies need to join the conversation.

Tell classic stories. Most reporters don’t care about a tiny startup, and that’s why Benioff never positioned himself as such. He told a classic David-vs.-Goliath story. “We gave the media something different. We gave them something new. We always positioned ourselves as revolutionaries. We went after the largest competitor in the industry or the industry itself. …

Make your own metaphors. According to Benioff, simple metaphors are a terrific way to communicate your message. “I spend a lot of time creating metaphors to explain what we do. For example, early on I explained what we did with the metaphor “salesforce.com is Amazon.com (AMZN) meets Siebel Systems.” Later when we launched AppExchange we called it “the eBay (EBAY) of enterprise software.” …


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