Monetizing Communities in Media sites

In Uncategorized on November 5, 2009 at 9:10 pm


Folio Conference : Creating Communities

Big Guns in the Publishing business (Conde Nast, Playboy) are talking about how to make money out of creating communities.

Communities on Content sites are enabling a Sticky relationship between Media Brands and their audiences. That’s good.

When it comme to targeted advertising within Communities, reality is far from theory. In theory it would be great to  offer a way to individualize ads to very special needs of each readers BUT in reality the media salespeople and the ad buyers are not ready to sell and buy that stuff. They are not ready. The market is not ready.

It’s gonna take some time before Personalised targeted advertising really make money. Even Facebook and Google are not really succesful at it yet. For the moment advertising is still about puting the ad to as much as possible audience. Targeting is still a myth.

The other interesting point in this conference is that Publishers want to keep control of their audience datas. That is why they are not very happy about letting Apple , Amazon, Facebook or Google keep the information about who’s using their content. That’s the big secret war of our times : Data about audience.


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